Hotel Arnavutköy

Arnavutkoy district is one of the largest districts of the Marmara Region. It has been developed quite a lot in recent years and started to be a new settlement of Istanbul after 2018 because of Airport Istanbul.

Arnavutkoy is approximately 10 kilometers from Airport Istanbul and has become the focus of investment with its tourism and business opportunities. With its factories and most importantly being very close to the airport, Arnavutkoy has become a center of attraction.

Arnavutkoy Hotel:
Arnavutkoy hotel, hotel close to Arnavutkoy, Arnavutkoy Centre hotel searches on the internet will direct you to our hotel. Continental Airport Hotel, which is located in the very center of Arnavutkoy, in the very center of the shopping malls, is waiting for you, our valued guests, to stay with cleanliness, hygiene and reasonable prices.

For reservation;

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